Northworks Digital Factory

Northworks combines state-of-the-art 3D printing with high precision machining, injection molding and production facilities to provides a seamless process for fabricating one part or a thousand. Our expert team of engineers work with you to determine the best approach to manufacturing your device.

Need just one part created?  Just submit your design and we'll get to work. We can use 3D printing or machining to create your part, based on your needs.

Need a few parts produced?  For up to 100 items we can use our streamlined operations to run a small batch.

Need hundreds of parts? We can combine 3D printing (for creating a mold) with injection molding for producing large batches of parts efficiently.

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Northworks provides full range printing services.  We can help walk you through the whole process and optimize your designs for 3D printing.  

  • High Precision. Our printers have rigid structures and high-quality linear bearings that permit a resolution of 25 microns and .025mm layer height.

  • Wide Range of Print Sizes. We can print objects anywhere from less than 1 cubic inch to 12 cubic feet in one piece. Even larger pieces can be fabricated in muliple pieces.

  • High Temperature. We can print a wide range of materials up to 400C including PEEK, Ultem and Nylons.



Northworks has CNC machines with capacities up to 26" x 40" x 25" with 5 micron resolution.  Modular fixturing combined with advanced CAM integration provides efficient job setup and changeover for small-batch manufacturing.



Injection Molding

By utilizing 3D printed molds, Northwork can provide a cost-effective solution for batch production of up to 1000 units.